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Zen Talks from Windhorse Zen Community

Jun 8, 2008

Chosha's Spring Walk- Today's teisho by Sunya Kjolhede Sensei is from a talk given May 4th, 2008. The koan discussed is Chosha goes for a Walk, case #36 in the book of koans, The Blue Cliff Record. There is a very helpful brief introduction to koans that we have copied out and used for the preceding podcast. We have had an excellent response to these podcasts. Please send an email to us at . Let us know who you are, ask questions, just let us know you're listening. The Windhorse Zen Community has meditation open to the public, and has a residential zen training program. To learn more, and to help support our podcasts and the work of the Windhorse Zen Community, see our website at