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Zen Talks from Windhorse Zen Community

May 17, 2008

Nansen's Dreams and Waking, Today's teisho by Sunya Kjolhede Sensei is from a talk given in November of 2007. This is part two of a two part Teisho on the Koan "Nansen's It Is Like a Dream" We do not have part one due to a technical problem, but this teisho stands well on its own. When first posted, this podcast was incomplete. It is now the entire teisho. My apologies for the technical problems. Hopefully they are all solved. Your emails are important to us, so please send an email to us at . Let us know who you are, ask questions, just let us know you're listening and To help support our podcasts and the work of the Windhorse Zen Community, see our website at